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Replied to topic  › Man burns Ambedkar's photo, jailed under SC ST act

not just arrested, painted like Nazis by the media 

«  2021-04-19
Replied to topic  › Hence proved, libbus are jihadis ;)

well what a surprise, the only thing libbus are good at is if some buslim dies somewhere due to a falana incident or if some buslim boy gets trashed for harassing women

libbus are mentally challenged people 

«  2021-04-19
Replied to topic  › Anandeshwara temple in Maharashtra, dedicated to Shiva

Reply to #1 @falxon :

When I look at most of the temples, they do remind me of cool ass spaceships, but someone told me that they were built to resemble chariots, like Konark which has wheels visible

«  2021-04-19
Created topic  › Jai Shri Ram

Dedicated to Shri Ram - the most based yoddha in the world, travelled the world, fucked the enemy up and came back.

Lakshman is also based to have said

«  2021-04-19
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