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Replied to topic  › Hindutva resources every hindu must read!

Reply to #1 @hyperboreanfloyd :

I am hearing you bhrata.

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Created topic  › You cannot disrupt peace & tranquillity at the border and carry on with the rest of the relationship : S Jaishankar

Seriously is this guy out best foreign minister or what? The sheer confidence and determination is he shows is amazing


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Created topic  › There can be no pact between Dharma and Adharma

Jai Bhawani Jai Shivaji

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Replied to topic  › Anandeshwara temple in Maharashtra, dedicated to Shiva

Fucking cool yaar

Looks like some kind of spaceship.

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Replied to topic  › Jai Shri Ram

Jai Siya Ram!

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Created topic  › Man burns Ambedkar's photo, jailed under SC ST act

Oh bhai, yahan toh buslims murtiyon pe moot dete hai aur kuch nahi hota

Ye kya ho gaya

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